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News | Logitech and HTC Vive bring keyboards into VR

Mohamed Hakim

The HTC Vive team and Logitech introduced a new hardware and software package today that aims to hel

The $150 BRIDGE kit includes a Logitech G keyboard and a Vive tracker that tracks typing and replicates it in VR. While Logitech is only releasing 50 of these kits to start, it's promising to see crossover tech that brings real-life gadgets into virtual reality. And it works across the entire Steam VR system.
The tracker doesn't just match what keys you type -- it measures your hand movements too, making it a lot easier to situate yourself. This brings the keyboard into your digital workspace, which is great for everything from internet browsing to knowing which macro and function keys you're pressing. Best of all, the BRIDGE SDK enables users to customize their keyboards in VR, meaning you can remap all the functions based on context.
If any US-based developers out there are interested, they can apply for the first 50 slots in the beta program here until November 16th. "If there is sufficient interest we may build additional kits for purchase after the initial batch is distributed," Logitech's Director Of Innovations & Strategy Vincent Tucker stressed in its online post announcing the program.