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News | Samsung’s Android Oreo beta is now live for Galaxy S8 owners

Mohamed Hakim

The Samsung Experience 9.0 is now live bringing a beta version of the Android Oreo operating system

Testers provide feedback about performance, stability, and usability in return for being first to use the new OS tweaked to Samsung’s liking. The program helps Samsung develop experiences across mobile software, apps, and other services before their official release.
Users wanting access must have a Samsung Account and meet specific requirements. For those in the US, beta testers must be on Sprint or T-Mobile network devices, or have an unlocked device with SIMs from these carriers. Those in the UK must have an unlocked device.
People can register for the beta program through the Samsung Members or the Samsung+ apps, which are available through Galaxy Apps or the Google Play Store. Samsung cautions that the software is in beta so unexpected errors might occur during the testing period. The end date of the program will vary by country, the company says.