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News | Apple Releases iOS 11.1.2 Update What Features Are Included

Mohamed Hakim

Today Apple released iOS 11.1.2 for the iPhone And iPad and iPod touch

Apple did not release any iOS 11.1.2 betas to developers or the public before it was rolled out today. As iOS 11.1.2 is a minor point release, Apple did not add any major features in this update.
Apple is currently in the process of testing iOS 11.2 in beta, which is expected to support Apple Pay Cash and SiriKit for the HomePod with limited third-party developer support. iOS 11.1.2 is the sixth update to iOS 11 following iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.1 and iOS 11.1.1. And this version of iOS is specifically a minor point update for the iOS 11.1 iteration with a couple of bug fixes.
iOS 11.1.1 contained a fix for the keyboard auto-correct problem that caused the letter “i” to be converted to an “a” with a question mark symbol next to it and a fix for a problem that caused “Hey Siri” to stop working.
iOS 11.1 included over 70 new emoji and it brought back the 3D multitasking gesture. iOS 11.1 also included bug fixes where Live Photo effects played back slowly and a problem that caused Mail notifications to reappear on the Lock screen.
iOS 11.0.3 fixed a bug that caused the audio and haptic feedback to become dysfunctional on a number of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. And iOS 11.0.3 also fixed an issue that caused the touch input to become unresponsive on some iPhone 6s displays that were not serviced with genuine Apple parts.
iOS 11.0.2 contained fixes for bugs that caused crackling noises in the iPhone 8 earpiece, a bug that caused attachments in S/MIME encrypted emails to not be able to open and a bug that prevented photos from appearing on certain devices.
iOS 11.0.1 fixed a bug that caused synchronization issues in Outlook.com, Office 365 and Exchange Server 2016 running on Windows Server 2016 in Apple Mail. And it also had performance improvements for iMessage app Drawer, Springboard, and App Explorer.
The big iOS 11 release was on September 19th and it brought many new features. The new features in iOS 11 included Do Not Disturb While Driving, the new Files app, document scanning in the Notes app, the app drawer in the Messages app, a customizable Control Center, indoor airport and mall maps, lane guidance in the Maps app, Live Photos editing and new iPad multitasking tools.
in the release notes, Apple said that iOS 11.1.2 fixes two issues. The first issue that iOS 11.1.2 fixes is a bug that causes the iPhone X screen to become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid decrease in temperature. And the second issue that iOS 11.1.2 fixes is a bug that causes distortion in Live Photos and videos captured with the iPhone X.
Apple confirmed the iPhone X temperature problem about a week ago and said that the issue would be “addressed in an upcoming software update.” I am impressed with that kind of turnaround time.