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News | New OnePlus 5T Camera Mod Dramatically Improves Performance

Mohamed Hakim

The OnePlus 5T is one of the best Android phones around right now, and a new camera module for the

The camera on the OnePlus 5T is decent. But a new camera mod called the Camera M Mod makes things even better with improved detail in captured images. And best of all? You can download it for free right now.
The camera is the one area of the OnePlus 5T where things aren’t quite as good as the competition. It’s decent enough, but it’s no way near as good as the shooter on the Google Pixel 2 XL or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
The Camera M Mod, however, helps to lessen this disparity. And then some, as you can see below in the images.
How the Camera M Mod works is simple enough: it takes the existing OnePlus 5T and essentially puts it on steroids by increasing the JPG quality to 100 which adds in WAY more detail to captured images.
However, in order to get this mod up and running on your OnePlus 5T you will need Magisk installed on your phone and have your phone rooted.
The mod comes via XDA Developers and you can download it by following the instructions found here. Before doing anything, however, I would strongly advise you to read ALL the comments and information in the thread. That way you know exactly what you’re doing/getting yourself into