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News | Google is making it easier than ever to book a hotel on your phone

Mohamed Hakim

Google has been on a mission to make travel planning easier for years

but the past few months have been especially busy for the search giant when it comes to travel booking upgrades. In December, Google added a new tool to Flights that alerts users when a ticket they’re planning to buy is selling for less than normal. Then, in January, Google started using AI to predict flight delays before the airlines even send out notifications to customers
But Google isn’t stopping there. This week, the company announced a brand new hotel search experience for mobile devices that includes more robust price filtering options, easy-to-find amenity details and the ability to book right from search results without having to navigate to a separate page first.
Over the next few days, you’ll find that when you search for a flight on Google from your phone and tap on the link or the “More destinations” button, a “Hotels” tab will appear at the top of the page. If you tap on that tab, you’ll see hotels for the destination of your flight with the same check in and check out dates as your arrival and departure.
The same is true if you search for a hotel first. Once you tap for more information, you’ll see the same tabs, including the flight tab so that you can look for travel while booking accommodation. And even if you’re just searching to learn more about a destination, like Paris or Rome, you can check out flights and hotels while exploring the city.
The last of the four tabs is “Your Trips,” which shows you all of your tracked flights prices, previous trips and recommended destinations based on your recent search history. Only you can see these results, but you do have the ability to send your itinerary to friends and family right from “Your Trips.” You can also make edits to your reservations and access them offline with the Google Trips app, which is available on iOS and Android.