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News | AT&T will power Airstream RVs' smart controls and mobile internet

Mohamed Hakim

Airstream revealed in early August that its 2019 Classic RVs will feature app-based smart controls a

You'll also be able to use the internet even if you're a ways away from the city, since the connection allows you to link up to 10 phones, tablets and other WiFi devices at once. If you're not fully going off-the-grid, you can use that connection to video call friends and family, check your email or stream shows and movies... so long as there's coverage and it can live up to the carrier's promise.

AT&T is offering two types of plans for Airstream RVs. The first one is probably good enough if you only take your trailer out on the weekends or every now and then. It gives you access to 5GB of data for $25, though auto-renews every 30 days if you don't cancel it. The second option, which will set you back $360 for one year of unlimited data, is probably the better choice if you're off to conquer the great outdoors for months at a time.