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News | Google Pay can find your tickets and loyalty cards in Gmail

Mohamed Hakim

It just became decidedly easier to use your Android phone to board a flight or see a movie.

Google Pay is rolling out a server-based update that lets the app automatically fetch boarding passes, tickets and loyalty cards from Gmail.

You'll have to enable it yourself (it's under Settings > General > Gmail Imports), but this could save a lot of time if you're tired of sifting through messages to find a ticket at the theater.

Don't be surprised if the feature isn't available yet on your phone. It was when we tried it, but Google's rollouts can take days or weeks.

The company also cautions that deleting the root email messages will also eliminate the Google Pay entries, so this isn't quite like Apple's Wallet (where tickets are separate items).

If you can live with those quirks, though, this could give you a good reason to rely on Google Pay instead of digging through Gmail yourself.